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GRAPES: Tuscan Trebbiano & Malvasia del Chianti
Region: Tuscany
Area: Pontignanello, Castelnuovo Berardenga
Atitude: 300-350 m a.s.l.
Vineyards: south-facing vines planted at a density of 5000/ha using the spur-trained method of cultivation
Soil: calcareous-marl clays deriving from the disintegration of limestone rocks such as alberese and galestro
Harvest: The grapes are carefully selected, privileging the entire bunches in order to balance both the acidity and sugar content. The grapes are attached to wires until December, allowing them to air dry naturally.
Fermentation: After pressing, the must is placed in small wooden casks called “caratelli”. The alcoholic fermentation reuqires a long time, in order to reach the 16% alcoholic level.
Ageing: up to 10 years in caratelli, small barrels of chestnut wood
Alcohol: 16%
Color: amber with golden reflections
Nose: fruity, ethereal, with hints of bitter almond and honey

Vin Santo del Chianti DOC Querciavalle - Agricola Losi 50cl

  • The native white grapes used for this Vin Santo wine are harvested, carefully selected and hung on wires until December, so that they are able to air-dry naturally. The must is then placed in traditional caratelli, very small chestnut wood barrels, where the fermentation and aging can proceed slowly, taking its natural time. The Vin Santo is ready to be bottled after about 8-10 years, with intense aromas of dried apricots and other fruits, honey and nuts. The taste is well-structured and infinitely long-lasting.

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