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GRAPES: Trebbiano & Malvasia Bianca
Region: Tuscany
Area: Castellina in Chianti / Monteriggioni
Atitude: 530 m a.s.l.
Vineyards: 3ha divided in two parts, in the municipalities of Monteriggioni and Castellina in Chianti, with vines aged between 20 and 40 years old
Soil: mixed sand and clay with galestro limestone
Yield: 45000 kg/ha
Harvest: manual harvest at the end of September; grapes are hung to air-dry naturally and then vinified in December
Fermentation: the thick must from dried grapes is placed inside the small Tuscan barrels called caratelli, where the fermentation, ageing and development of the wine takes place over the temperature changes of many seasons
Ageing: 5 years in typical, small wooden barrels called caratelli
ning: bottle refinement of at least 6 months before market release
Alcohol: 16%
Color: dark amber with brown reflections
Nose: An intense bouquet of dried apricots, dates and figs, with notes of toasted nuts and honey

Vin Santo del Chianti - Il Poderino

  • A genuine and most traditional after dinner treat, that is still considered the wine of hospitality, enjoyable at any time of the day. A thick and intense wine with great complexities in the nose and mouth and a never-ending aftertaste. Can be enjoyed with desserts that are not particularly sweet, or with aged cheeses and dried fruits.

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