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GRAPES: Trebbiano 60%, Malvasia bianca 40%
Region: Tuscany
Area: Siena
Altitude: 300 m a.s.l.
Vineyards: from Vigna Montechiarone, a 3h vineyard on the Montechiaro estate with south-west exposition
Soil: mixed sand and clay with limestone
Harvest: The grapes are carefully selected and picked at various times during the harvest. Those picked during the earlier part of the harvest have higher acidity, while those picked later have a higher sugar content, ensuring a correct balance between sugar and acidity at the end of vinification. The grapes are spread by hand on special baskets in the “appassitoio” and left to dry until the end of December, when they are pressed.
Fermentation: The must is then transferred into traditional small, 30-100 liter oak casks known as “caratelli”, where a long, slow alcoholic fermentation takes place, which is interrupted when the wine reaches at 15/16 %vol.
Ageing: The wine ages in the caratelli for about 6 years, undergoes a very light filtration, and is bottled.
Alcohol: 16%
Color: Amber in color with golden highlights
Nose: intense aromas with ample nutty notes along with a perceptible presence of figs, plums, and toasted almonds, a nose of great complexity with a sweet and spicy personality, completely fused in its various elements and impeccably clean.

Vin Santo del Chianti - Montechiaro

  • Amber in color with golden highlights, this sweet nectar is known as the wine of hospitality, which can be offered and enjoyed at any moment of the day! As an after dinner treat, its great complexity and sweet and spicy personality will persist, and is best enjoyed with typical Sienese sweets (almost Cantucci biscuits, Riciarelli or Panforte) or a selection of cheeses.

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